Team 766 was originally started by FRC Team 192, the Gunn Robotics Team, in fall of 2001. Before the creation of our team, there was only one robotics team in the district, Team 100. The Wildhats are located at Woodside High School, more than 5 miles away, which made joining the team difficult for M-A students. Initially, Team 766 took over the old metal shop, which was being shut down as M-A shifted its focus towards computers and the arts. Everything that the school didn’t sell or throw away we took.

The 2002 challenge was the first season of FRC that we participated in. We didn’t do remarkably well or particularly poorly at the Silicon Valley Regional, the only one we went to. During the off-season, we did win the Rookie Award and Spirit Award at the Western Region Robotics Forum’s California Robot Games, which has since been renamed CalGames.

In 2003 and 2004, our team didn’t do much better during the competition. We continued to go solely to the Silicon Valley Regional, but didn’t make it into eliminations either year.