In 2007 the team continued many of the positive things from the previous season. The drivetrain was largely kept, with the addition of a two-speed gearbox. The team went with a simple arm design for lifting the pool tube game pieces. The season wasn’t hugely eventful, but the team did make it to the finals at SVR, edging out the team who had previously always won the regional and losing to a team which would go on to win the whole year’s competition at Championships.
In 2008, the team went with a relatively complicated elevator design to lift the large inflatable ball game pieces. The elevator itself was well-made and consistent, most likely partially because it was professionally welded. The design performed decently, seeding 7th at the Sacramento Regional, but nothing out of the ordinary happened, except for winning the Judge’s Award.
In 2009, the crop of freshmen from 2006 was graduating, and there was a whole new generation arriving, but this time in the form of 8th graders (and one 7th grader). The team decided to pre-register for Championships. The design was simple, and performed decently well, enough to place in the mid-range at Championships.
In 2010, the previous experienced generation was lost, and a few other experienced members of the team were left with the one year of experience of the new generation. The team went with a small and relatively simple robot which performed decently once they ironed out a serious bug with the USB hub at the first regional.