By the 2017 season, all the rookies from 2016 had learned a lot about robotics and the robot-building process and were ready to pour everything into the new season. We also had many experienced members who were ready to do well. We built our robot in a timely manner, having it ready by bag day. We spent part of the San Francsico Regional putting finishing touches on the robot without missing any matches, but we placed on the lower end of the rankings due to unlucky alliances in the qualification matches. However, after learning from our experiences at the San Francsico event, we performed very well at the Silicon Valley Regional, placing in the twenties in the rankings. We were chosen by the second alliance in the eliminations by Team 971 and Team 5924. Sadly, we lost in the quarterfinals, but we were all very proud due to the improvements we had made since 2016.