The 2022 season was the team's first in person competition season since 2020 and would be the team's first time competing at a regional competition since 2019. The team itself only had 3 members who had ever gone to an in person competition before! During the fall offseason, the team focused on recruiting and gained a record amount of rookies, boosting the team to around 50 members. The rookie training in the fall culminated with the annual Rookie Game in early December.

The 2022 FRC game was Rapid React, a game which focused on shooting balls into a high or low hub and the endgame goal was to climb bars resembling monkey bars. The team decided that they would focus on a robot that would climb to the top bar, the traversal rung, consistently rather than a robot that shoots and intakes balls quickly and accurately. While the team still ended up with an upper hub shooter, it was not the main focus of the design. To make this design a reality, the team decided to make 2 Rev A Robots: one climber and on shooter. The shooter prototype was named Vernier Graphical Analysis and the climber prototype was named Rosanne Wong.

During the season, the robot CAD took longer than expected to complete as there were few CAD members on the team, so the team was slightly pressed for time in the other aspects. However, the delay was greatly assisted by the newly functional CNC router that the team figured out how to operate. The competition robot, Dwayne "The Croc" Johnson, featured a climbing system using a set of pneumatically actuated arms and a motor-driven elevator; the shooter was hooded and used a pair of brass flywheels; the intake used a set of pistons that would slide compliant wheels out horizontally; and the storage system used belts to feed the balls into the shooter. At the Silicon Valley Regional, the intake mechanism broke a few times, so the team resolved to solely focus on defense during the tele-operated period while still attempting to shoot the single autonomous ball at the beginning of the match.

The team participated in 2 regional competitions: the Sacramento Valley Regional and the Silicon Valley Regional. At the Sacramento Valley Regional, the team placed rank 21 in qualifying matches, won the Gracious Professionalism Award, and made it to the quarterfinals at playoffs. At the larger Silicon Valley Regional, the team placed rank 17 in qualifying matches and made it to the semifinals at playoffs—the farthest the team had gone since 2015.