21 Sep

Good evening, M-A Robotics families!

Welcome to our second weekly blog post!  We had very productive meetings this week as we prepare to welcome our main batch of rookies next Wednesday. We’re looking forward to a busy week in terms of outreach this week, with Club Rush, Science Night, and two lunch meetings to welcome new members.

Here’s this week’s update!


It's business as usual this week, with our Wednesday meeting 6-9pm and our Saturday meeting 12:30-4:30, with steering committee until 5:30.

What’s going on this week?

    We’re getting ready for Club Rush and our main influx of rookies! Our rookie game mascot is almost done, and we’re hard at work building the chassis for our rookies to use. Training program development is going strong, and the rookies we already have are being super patient and helpful, despite the fact that they’re here much sooner than most of our rookies.We can’t wait to welcome all our new members in the next couple of weeks!

What outreach events do we have coming up?
    We’ve got a busy couple of weeks! Students, please sign up to volunteer on the sign-ups page at Outreach Sign-Ups. Up first, we have Club Rush at lunch on Wednesday! We’ll be showing off our robot on the green during lunch and getting as many signups as we can. The next night, Thursday, we’ll be attending Science Night at the Menlo Park Public Library from 6:00pm-8:30pm. There, we get to interact with elementary school kids and show them what we do! On Friday, we have a lunch meeting in C-15 to present to potential new members. Then, next Wednesday, we’ve got another lunch meeting in C-15 to bring any rookies who weren’t able to attend the first meeting up to date.

What did we accomplish this week?

  • Business

    • Started grant application

    • Looked at team logistics and future

    • Began writing tutorials for business tasks

  • Mechanical

    • Finished CAD and design for rookie training part

    • Finished manufacturing parts for rookie chassis

  • Programming
    • Worked on tutorial

    • Worked on rookie training program

    • Set up new computers

  • Electronics

    • Finished rookie game mascot!!

    • Pulled out electronics for rookie chassis

  • CAD

    • Finished CAD for rookie game mascot

What are we hoping to accomplish in the next week?

  • Business

    • Begin developing a business plan

    • Work on business tutorials

    • Research and apply for grants

  • Mechanical

    • Set up for rookie training

    • Finish rookie team mascot

    • Assemble rookie game chassis

  • Programming

    • Finish tutorials

    • Set up remaining computers

    • Work on coding rookie game mascot

  • Electrical

    • Figure out plan for training

  • CAD

    • Finish rookie game mascot neck

    • Establish rookie training plan

Have a great week! We'll be back Saturday with our next update.

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